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Crab prices are through the roof !!! Catch your own – have fun AND save $$

The past few years prices have been creeping up.  And now they are just insane.  We let you catch the crabs, make some family memories and save some money to boot!!!  Check out today’s retail prices:


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Tropical Storm Bertha does not affect us….

The beach may have nasty surf and wicked rip currents, but all is quiet back on the creeks.  We are not in the ocean.  Or even the bay.  Or even where the river meets the bay.  We are 3 + miles up the

The weather is nice, but the crabbing is hot!

We have had quite a run of beautiful weather.  And now the crabbing is really on.  While we can never make promises about what you will catch, the last few days have seen trips with 3 dozen, 4 dozen,

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