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Fun Time Crabbing vs. iPad

On the boat you will often hear Capt. Don refer to the idea that what we are about is “beating the iPad”.  Sure, it is a great tool. but will it lead to great stories or an interesting life?  Think of everyone you know that you like to listen to – your grandfather, that crazy uncle, your Mom’s friend from college.  All those people tell good stories based upon experiences – good, bad, nutty, whatever.  What is this next generation going to talk about, the time they saw such-and-such on an iPad?  No.  They need experiences.  And we offer that.  In the future, you will hear, “Mom., remember when we went crabbing…..”  And from there, maybe they will find a life to be lived and loved outdoors, where real adventure and real stories start.  Fun Time Crabbing is a great beginning.  No one is bored.  There is plenty to do and always something going on.


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