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It’s all about bringing back the fun outdoor adventures many of us remember.

Fun Time Crabbing

Fun Time Crabbing was started because we believe that ye olde fun is still fun. IPhones, IPads and Facebook still have their place – but not on summer vacation, or at least not on our boats.

Fun Time Crabbing trips are geared towards the age, experience and aptitude of those coming aboard with us. Crabbing takes place in the calm inshore bay areas and creeks. We have a mate aboard to assist with the kids. We even can change up the methods of crabbing we do depending on the comfort level of those on board.

We emphasize the Fun Time part of Fun Time Crabbing. It is crabbing, not fly-fishing or even rocket science. We all want to have a good time. And we can even loan you a steamer that connects to a regular propane grill tank. Just return it when you are finished.

And our Captains are all Coast Guard-licensed and we have all the safety gear the law requires. And then some.

Our promise is that you will greeted by a professional Captain (and crew), that will be clean-cut, polite and organized. Your enjoyment and entertainment is our top priority!

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